The Light! The LIGHT!!

Whenever I see this, I think about the “tunnel of light” so frequently reported by people having NDE. Maybe the picture is right, and the light is being cast by angels lining (forming?) the tunnel wall.

I saw only blackness. Maybe it was for a long time, but there was no time… or Space, either. Then I saw – ┬áno, “saw” isn’t the right word. I became aware of points of light floating around me wherever I turned my attention. Without moving consciously, I drew near one point… Or just became aware of more details about it. It was’t a “point”, after all. It was a vortex, a whirlpool of light, with the brightest part in the middle, which seemed to be far distant in space and time. It came to me that it was The Tunnel, and that if “I” went into that tunnel and followed it to its end, I would find “myself” inhabiting a body with sensory apparatus that would allow it to see, taste, smell, hear, feel, and move about in three dimensions of Space, while being swept along in a fourth dimension of Time without the ability to change my location in Time. For that Matter, motion in Space, although possible, would be somewhat difficult, and would be Relative, Generally, to my immediate surroundings.

Leaving our Body, we see Light in or at the end of a Tunnel, most of us. Kind of funny that the Tunnel Whirlpool Vortex is full of Light seen from either end, huh?