Some content about this page, which is anything you want it to be. The main difference between a “post” and a “page” seems to be that posts are displayed as part of processing a certain date, while pages are accessed by a link. In this case, the link was (probably) a button on the home page. You clicked that link, which is why you’re seeing this, now.

Now, I’m gonna add an image here. Wait, save it first…


So, that’s an image that was already stored in my “media” container. It happens to be my FB personal picture at the time I write this – 3/24/2015.

I have a 3×5 card sitting in my scanner on my desk, and I want to scan that card and show it right here. What I’d really like, I think, is to have an editing icon to scan an image. That’s likely not available here, so what I will do is scan the image into media or the NextGEN gallery I’m trying to figure out… let’s see…


Well, hell, that wasn’t too far off. I clicked the “ADD MEDIA” button at the top of the WordPress editing screen. That went to the media library, and one of the choices was “UPLOAD FILES”. I clicked that, which gives you a Drag-n-Drop box with an option to show a folder on your computer. In this case, I had the card in my scanner, ready to scan, and the scanner option set to “SCAN JPG TO FOLDER”… so I hit the SCAN button, waited about two seconds, popped up the target folder (…/PICTURES/SCANSNAP ), grabbed the image I just scanned, and dragged it to the┬ámedia library. It came in with a check in the SELECT box, so I clicked INSERT PICTURE… and here it is.

The only thing wrong with this so far is that the image is a lot bigger than I want it. Let’s see… hey, no problemo – select the picture and get a box around it, grab a handle and size it however you want it. Bet the profile picture, likewise?



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