Publishing 7w0w

Publishing 7w0w, indeed… Yes, in Deed.

Writing in seven word phrases – sometimes easy. Not always, though – sometimes not so easy.

No, not gonna be able to do it. Problem is, you have to have ONE thing to be expressing in seven wordses. I’m trying to splurt out a lot of stuff. If I try to go seven wordses, it’s doable, but at the cost of running off the tracks of your train of thought.

I’m starting – or re-starting – my career as Artist. Specifically, I’m going to be PUBLISHING my art and art of others, too.

I’ve been talking for several years about doing this. Nobody cares about how come this not to happen sooner? It’s happening now, so be it.

This specific beginning is with a… a what? genre? Not sure what to call it for public consumption, so I’ll use Seven Words, Zero Waste. 7w0w for short.

As we go, I’m going to be publishing my own 7w0w works, at least sven words at a time. I’ll also be discussing the concept itself, both from my own experience but also that of others, chiefly Tex Long, who has been instrumental in talking (nagging) me into going forward with this.

EDIT: monkeying with featured


I’ll be running the website, and there will be a separate set of pages for each of the Works presented. Fine. I’m being told I’ve said enough, time to publish this. Also time to head over to the first of the social media we’ve decided to use to begin spreading the Seven Words.

I promise, I’ll either add to this or write a follow up. Probably the latter.